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The most beautiful costumes for your parties at the Venice Carnival

Rent your Venice Carnival costume with us! Living the Carnival in historical costume is the best way to be the protagonist of this spectacular widespread event. Thanks to our atelier you can rent your high quality costume just with € 300. Be protagonist of the most glamorous Carnival in the world!

Oltrex by KV Group has joined a partnership with one of the best atelier of historical costumes in Venice. Thanks to its professionality and ability to recreate the venetian costumes of the '600,' 700 and '800, the atelier collaborate with movie and television productions, opera, theatre shows and, of course, great parties, historical reenactment , dances at the palace.

Dressing up in costume is the best way to get in perfect harmony with the ancient Venice. Furthermore, the masked or historical costume is a necessary condition to partecipate at many dances at the palace.

The costumes are all handmade and realized with high-quality fabrics. They are rented complete with accessories.

Thanks to the agreement with Oltrex by KV Group all the costumes are rented at the special price of € 300 for 24h.

How does it work?

  • Chose the Venice carnival costume that you prefer among those in the box below
  • Send us an email to booking@oltrex.it indicating the costume you prefer
  • You’ll get in touch with our atelier that will ask you information about the size, and it will confirm the availability; with the occasion you’ll schedule an appointment for the dress rehearsal in the studio when you arrive in Venice.
  • You will receive a booking form with the information to settle the payment
  • After the transaction, you will receive a voucher which sums up the service you have booked.

When you arrive to Venice

  • The dress fitting will take place in the atelier, the day and hour you have choose
  • The delivering and the picking up of the costume will be directly in your hotel, if you have accommodation in Venice historical center.
Find out all our beautiful Venice Carnival costumes!
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Have you chose your costume?
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or call +39 041 2960840 ext. 4 
  COSTUMI DA DONNA            
  Alba Veneziana   Baronessa Papadopoli   Carnival Dream   Madame Antonietta
  Contessa Bellini   Contessa Giulia   Donna Elsa   Marchesa Cipriani
  Duchessa De Medici   Granduchessa Anastasia        
  Ancient Spendor   Burano   Byzantine   Lannister
  Venetian Dream    Madame Montilyet        
  COSTUMI DA UOMO            
        Barone Franchetti
  Barone Von Trap   Duca dei Sospiri   Duca Moretti   Barone Franchetti
  Arciduca Nicolao   Barone delle Erbe   Marchese Melzi    

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