Parties and Balls at Venice Carnival 2017

In the days of Carnival the great palaces of Venice host the most luxurious and unique costume parties.  Exclusive events and of great historical and artistic value where elegance and style come together in the transgression.

The central frame of each show is of course Piazza San Marco. Here you can see the many events that enrich the program each year, such as the Angel's Flight, in which a secret guest bravely takes flight from the Bell Tower, or the historical parade of the Doge, or the parade of the Maries. This festival evokes the homage that the Doge was twelve maidens of humble origins, providing them with the dowry for the marriage. At twelve Marie accompany traditional carnival groups, flag wavers, musicians and all participants dress in period, starting the journey from San Pietro di Castello to Piazza San Marco. The next day, the parade of girls you choose the most beautiful "Mary of the Year."

Of course, the most sought-after parties are those that take place in the palaces , rich furnishings and atmosphere of a time that seems to have stopped, suitable environments to evoke the magic of sumptuous gala and refined, the magnificent masquerade balls.

The most regal is the Ballo del Doge. An elegant and worldly happenings, where vip guests from every country hide their identities for one night under a mask and a costume of the Venetian tradition. The ball, hosted at the Palazzo Pisani Moretta and produced by Antonia Sautter, reached the XXIV edition whose topic is still secret... After the welcome cocktail, dinner placé takes place in the halls of the palace, with artistic performances, dances and melodies that penetrate into the wee hours of the morning.
Inside the beautiful atmosphere of the hotel Splendid Venice, near St Mark Square, the Dancing Chocolate, and Last waltz in Venice, dancing chocolate in costume with dances from the 1700s-1800s.

In the historic Hall of the Danieli hotel Minuetto, a Dance Master with his partner will lead the group dances throughout the evening and an opera singer will delight the guests between the different dances.

iIn the hotel Monaco&Grand Canal very near St Mark Square, Minuetto at the Ridotto, a dinner in costume in the historic hall, and Carnival Dream, the most elegant party of the Carnival of Venice, which brings back to life the Venetian tradition for theatre and the carnival tradition for amusement and dancing.

Carnival Extravaganza will be held instead at Palazzo Dandolo - Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal: a dinner in costume at the historic and beautiful Hall of the Ridotto, heart of the extravagant carnivals of the 18th century where nobles, gamblers and adventurers such as Giacomo Casanova were regular, it will take place the most elegant party of the Carnival of Venice. A Palazzo Dandolo you may also take part at Cotillion at Palazzo, an afternoon with friends having fun learning the basic steps of group dances from the 1700s, such as minuets and cotillion, taught by our Dance teachers on the music of a trio of classical musicians.

At the Hotel Boscolo will be held Secret Chocolate, where you can discover a secret corner of Venice and spend an afternoon dancing and eating sweets.

The gothic XVth century palace, Palazzo Ca' Pesaro Papafava, is the enchanting setting for some of the most delightful galas of the season.You may take part at The Grand Ball of Casanova and Courtesans, The Grand Ball of the Dolce Vita, the Dogaressa Grand Ball and The Minuet Grand Ball, and the afternoon balls as Lover's Feast and The Offenbach Afternoon.

Finally at the Palazzo Pisani Moretta the Grand Carnival Ball, the Ballo Tiepolo, international event of the Venice Carnival since 1998. Opera singers, performers and dancers will entertain guests during the rich welcome cocktail on the ground floor and all rooms on the first floor which will host the dinner, served as in the days of the Venetian nobility.

Timetables of parties 2017
18 February: Carnival Extravaganza
18 February: Minuetto
18 February: The Grand Ball of Casanova and Courtesans
19 February: Cotillon at Palazzo
19 February: Lover's Feast
21 February: Dancing Chocolate
22 February: Cotillon at Palazzo
23 February: Ballo Tiepolo
23 February: The Grand Ball of the Dolce Vita
24 February: Dancing Chocolate
24 February: Carnival Extravaganza
25 February: Il Ballo del Doge
25 February: Cotillon at Palazzo
25 February: Minuetto
25 February: the Dogaressa Grand Ball
26 February: Secret Chocolate
26 February: The Offenbach Afternoon
27 February: Minuetto
28 February: Last waltz in Venice
28 February: The Minuet Grand Ball
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