Balls at Venice Carnival 2017

In the days of Carnival the great palaces of Venice incorporate the most luxurious and unique costume parties.  Exclusive events and of great historical and artistic value where elegance and style come together in the transgression.

Timetables of parties 2017
18 February: Carnival Extravaganza
18 February: Minuetto
19 February: Cotillon at Palazzo
21 February: Dancing Chocolate
22 February: Cotillon at Palazzo
23 February: Ballo Tiepolo
24 February: Dancing Chocolate
24 February: Carnival Extravaganza
25 February: Il Ballo del Doge
25 February: Cotillon at Palazzo
25 February: Minuetto
26 February: Secret Chocolate
27 February: Minuetto
28 February: Last waltz in Venice

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